46th/72nd Strategic Recon Squadrons
1946 to 1955

Ladd Air Field, Alaska
Mt Home AFB, Idaho
Fairfield-Suisun AFB, (Travis) California
Dedicated to all the members who served with the 46th/72nd SRS,
and to all U.S. Military Veterans."

This is the history of one of the most incredible units ever formed by the United States Air Force in peace or war. And just as incredible, it's work and achievements have been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy and mystery for well over 40 years. Yet, the 46th Reconnaissance Squadron, later redesignated the 72nd Reconnaissance Squadron successfully completed more assigned projects, under the most hazardous and difficult conditions, than probably any other unit in peace time.

During a nine-year period, 1946 to 1955, these multi-engine air pioneers and explorers operated first over polar-arctic wastelands of the world in RB-29 or modified F-13A aircraft, and later, world-wide, in very heavy, very long-range, ten engine RB-36 "Peacemakers". These intrepid airmen covered the globe, from Europe to the Far Pacific, and throughout the Polar Regions. The world was their domain, and reconnaissance was their business.

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